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Source:欧雷 Sentiment:Date:2017-04-26

  hrough a series of distributed rendering service platform of command with the help of powerful rendering capabilities to help users to complete the final rendering of works with high efficiency, time is often reduced to 1/10 of the original, a small percentage even, greatly improve the work efficiency.In addition, the rendering platform also has security, stability, scalability, and easy to management, and other characteristics, can satisfy the demands of a long period of time, high strength rendering.

  Training room construction type: cluster rendering training rooms, render farm, etc.

  The core equipment: UltraRender cluster rendering management software, the distributed rendering server.

  Form a complete set of course

  To complete the three dimensional animation, architecture animation, advertising design, post-production, indoor design course such as rendering work.

Training, internships and jobs

  Companies can provide cluster rendering professional technology training for teachers and students, promote the teacher professional development, improve the teaching quality.For many years to assist institutions conveying a large number of talents for the enterprise, provide a lot of internship job for the school.

  Relevant personnel can be engaged in computer animation, special effects and performance of TV animation, architectural design, urban planning, the opening game animation rendering performance and commercial advertising industry.