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2D nimation

Source:欧雷 Sentiment:Date:2017-04-26

  Our classroom can carry out the traditional 2 d computer animation production course and practice, to cultivate the students drawing and 2 d animation skills.Using two-dimensional paperless digital animation software in combination with hand-painted plate, in the early stage of the animation of a shooting script, such as the design draft, the middle of the animation, color, etc., as well as the synthesis of late, camera movement, special effects, such as the output experiment teaching and students can cultivate the students' practical ability, to master professional skills of film and television animation.

  Training room construction type: two-dimensional paperless animation training rooms, traditional painting training rooms, illustration design training rooms, etc.

  Core equipment: Storyboard story version software, MOHO paperless animation software, the two-dimensional ray line network system, graphics workstations, hand-painted plate etc.

  Form a complete set of course

  Can complete basic principle, animation, animation, especially design, graphic design, motion, 2 d animation design, illustration, animation character design, computer CG art, animation, special effects design course.

  Apply to the director, animation design, advertisement design, etc.

Training, internships and jobs

  Companies and film and television animation related businesses across the country have a deep cooperation, can provide 2 d animation professional technology training for teachers and students, promoting teachers' professional development, improve the teaching quality.For many years to assist institutions conveying a large number of talents for the enterprise, provide a lot of internship job for the school.

  Can be found in all kinds of animation company, studio, advertising companies, such as magazine company as a original painting animation designer, scene design, character design, illustration, animation drawing type, character color, post-production, etc.