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Good news: the thunder winning shenzhen second anime profess

Source:欧雷 Sentiment:Date:2017-04-27

  Beijing ou LeiXinYu animation technology co., LTD successfully won the bid in 2016, shenzhen two of anime professional training room equipment procurement, and about to complete the construction task on schedule.
  The project includes the following seven professional training room: 2 d animation training rooms, 3 d animation training rooms, innovative image training room, studio, photography studio, Previzion virtual preview the camera system, motion capture chamber.

  In higher vocational colleges in the project is the present domestic most advanced investment and technological training room construction projects, the introduction of virtual preview Previzion camera system equipment is widely applied in film and television filming, anime, etc, is one of the world the most outstanding in the similar equipment.
  Beijing ou LeiXinYu animation technology co., LTD. As a focus on digital media in the direction of virtual reality, film and television animation and other professional training room construction of leading companies, the bidding and successfully implemented the project once again demonstrated its powerful strength and the influence of the industry!