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  Ou-Lei company has a strong customer service team, in the domestic cities established after-sales service agencies, formed the basic after-sale service network covering the whole country.24-hour online service platform, the establishment of a customer first asking responsibility system service mechanism, perfect the customer visit, troubleshooting of product, such as equipment maintenance system, ensure that users in the shortest possible time get the most satisfactory service.

  1, set up a specialized service team, timely and effective to solve customer problems.

  2, 365 x 24 hour customer service platform, from the telephone, Internet to on-site technical support, for the first time response and solve the problem of the user.

  3, rich content services, including technical advice, technical training, the original factory service, etc.

  4, value-added services, the ray to provide training and interaction, education value-added services such as BBS and scientific research.

  5, lifelong technical service, Ou-Lei offer lifetime technical support service for the customer.