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Source:网络 Sentiment:Date:2017-04-26

  Faceware technology is the most innovative and most experienced of facial motion capture technology provider, we believe that the best facial animation comes from the combination of cutting-edge technology, visual artist - friendly workflow, by embracing artists and easy-to-use products, we have become a facial motion capture and animation tool.

  Capture human emotion, so that it can be performed through numeric characters is a challenge we are very familiar with, we know firsthand how difficult it is, we maintain a high respect for all forms of art with our products, whether it's physical properties, digital character device, or the final animation, each phase is also important, need attention and focus to produce results.

  Faceware complete hardware and software is interactive entertainment solutions, movies, video games, television, and commercial markets for clients such as double negation, ILM, digital domain, fuzzy studio, activision blizzard, star game, Microsoft, 2 k sports, electronic arts, ubisoft, sega, SONY and bethesda film company.