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Beijing pixel software technology co., LTD

Source:网络 Sentiment:Date:2017-04-21

  Beijing pixel software technology co., LTD., founded in March 2002 officially registered, mainly engaged in software development, adhere to the concept of "down-to-earth, completes the game", to create high-quality goods online as own duty, high-end brands to create interactive entertainment industry.With the most excellent r &d team, is one of the most powerful domestic game development company.On March 29, 2016, successfully listed on the new three board (securities referred to as: pixel software stock code: 836333). 

  Independent research and development the game works have "vengeance on evil sword", "the sword gaiden - ancient legend" "sword online" "find fairy sword 2" the big adventure of a brave man "" sword weapon spectrum" "2 - man the magic sword" and so on, across the mobile game, video game, host, etc. All the end game. 

  2009, pixels with independent development of the game works abroad, into the global market, successively in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan, Europe, North America and other places.

  Company's game IP: 【 sword 】 【 find fairy 】 【 big adventure of a brave man 】