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  A, cooperative target

  Win-win and mutual benefit, and promote the modernization of education.

  Second, the concept of cooperation

  Conveniently for close cooperation, and share the achievements.

  Third, cooperation development strategy

  1, exclusive products, national and local standards support, make it easy for partners sales;

  2, competitive price, let partners a big profit.

  3, effective training, let partners fast growth;

  4, professional support, to make partner happy;

  5, long-term relations of cooperation, let partners prospect.

  Fourth, benefit analysis

  1, the blue ocean products, high returns

  Authorization of the Beijing's ray distribution equipment products is a leading international and domestic have unique advantages of good product, and the trademark has been successfully applied for patents, by the ministry of education quality, enjoys a blue ocean market in mainland China.Partners do not have to worry about in a vicious cycle of price competition.Through your efforts, will steadily get high returns.

  2, professional education products and service providers

  Through cooperation, not only can provide products and services to the school, and can take digital geography of the classroom and scientific design and construction services for special purpose, towards a higher level, become a local specialty education products and service providers.

  3, low risk

  Broad market, blue ocean products, flexible ways of cooperation, the province has been established between the example that, to ensure that the partners do not need to take risks to success by their own efforts.

  4, the cooperation of sustainability

  Markets mature, with infinite potential, partners can constantly expanding market share in the next five to 10 years, continued benefit.