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Recording Studio

Source:欧雷 Sentiment:Date:2017-04-26

  With two sets of MAC and PC computer platform with Pro Tools HD system as the core component.Points is given priority to the recording system and the mixing arranger two big system, adopting the combination of high-end digital and analog audio hardware is suitable for: pop music recording production/shrinks mixes, national music production/shrinks mixes, film and television music arranger and post-production, radio, television art recording and post-production, individual CD recording of songs.Recording the effect is good, the function is complete, widely used in all kinds of film and television broadcasts.

  Training room construction type: recording studio.

 Core equipment: Pro Tools HD, digital mixer, listening to speakers, pickup, computer platform, etc.

  Form a complete set of course

  Can complete the film and television animation, radio and television, as well as various recording related training course.