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anaphase Non- linearity edit

Source:欧雷 Sentiment:Date:2017-04-26

  Application of digital text, images, video, audio and other material through the synthetic technology of the editing, graphic design produced all kinds of images and texts, audio and video all good work, and multimedia technology, film and television animation, computer art design, and other related professional indispensable important link, the cultivation of student's professional ability and professional quality cultivation plays an important role.The course can be combined with the project teaching, forming a distinctive professional features, improve the level of school.

  Training room construction type: postproduction practice room, the editing practice room and so on.

  The core equipment: late NUKE VFX software;Bluesky the compiling system.

Form a complete set of course

  Form can be completed and advanced visual language, color photography and color management, special effects and improve the basis of synthetic technology, Nuke, film and television special course, film and television animation, film and television late bar, synthesis software package course, nonlinear editing software, 3 d software.

  Applicable to image photography, director, animation design, interior decoration, ring art, broadcasting, etc.

Training, internships and jobs

  Companies and numerous national film and television animation studio, advertising, video, and other enterprises have depth cooperation, can provide television late professional technology training for teachers and students, promoting teachers' professional development, improve the teaching quality.For many years to assist institutions conveying a large number of talents for the enterprise, provide a lot of internship job for the school.

  Mainly engaged in movies, TV shows, music and television, advertising, column packing and so on technical support and direction work, jobs for the 3 d effect, late compositor, column packing, director of animation, special effects, special effects and so on dozens of;After effects demand firms have the film and television production companies, film and television advertising companies, film, video studio and so on.