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3D scanning

Source:欧雷 Sentiment:Date:2017-04-26

  3 d scan fast digital model building and high precision digital model of 3 d printing forming the biggest charm is provided infinite possibilities for creative design, and can transform infinite design quickly into reality, promote the enthusiasm of learning and hands-on ability, improve school running level and management level.
  Training room construction type: 360 matrix scanning training rooms, 3 d scanning molding training room, etc.
  Core equipment: the ray matrix 3 d body scanner, Drake handheld 3 d scanner, McorARKE 3 d color 3 d printers, paper printers, Neobox Projet 3 d color powder printer, printer supplies, graphics workstations, etc.
  Form a complete set of course can complete 3 d modeling, the human body modeling, 3 d scanning, 3 d scanning model repair, 3 d printing, industrial design, the protection of cultural relics and other courses.
  Suitable for computer multimedia and animation game design, art design and the fine arts class faculty, costume design and production departments, modern manufacturing technical departments, mechanical basis of laboratory, automobile design and technology departments, medicine, cosmetic and nursing and other professional departments, history, cultural relic archaeology research.
  Training, internships and jobs The thunder company and across the country, film and television animation, game production, research and development of the development of virtual reality, 3 d scanning, 3 d shape such as research and development enterprise in-depth cooperation, can provide the teachers and students with 3 d scanning and molding of professional technical training, to promote teachers' professional development, improve the teaching quality.
  For many years to assist institutions conveying a large number of talents for the enterprise, provide a lot of internship job for the school.
  Relevant personnel can be engaged in virtual reality, games, animation, film making, education, industrial manufacturing, electricity, medicine, urban planning, archaeology, cultural relic protection in areas such as work.