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Source:欧雷 Sentiment:Date:2017-04-26

  With the advent of the VR boom, to accelerate the development of new games, each game company occupy market share game, while the Unity3D game engine with the advantages of the operation is simple, easy, flexible, has been popular in the world.From the point of Unity, the latest data released by the official, the Unity game engine has 45% of the worldwide market share, the world's first, and the world has 600 million players in play the game using the Unity engine production, so the Unity3D game development engineer is the world's companies are competing for the high-energy talent.

  We called the game developers the creator of the game, not just programming and write code, so combine theory with practice is very important in learning, oulei with Unity and multiple game company depth cooperation manufacturer, has a strong and rich game training resources, to provide users with the latest game development technology and the most optimal game development platform.

  Training room, training room construction type: making computer games virtual reality training room, etc.

  The core equipment: Unity3d game engine, virtual reality display equipment.

  Form a complete set of course

  Can finish the game planning framework, the Unity game engine, game design, game package release, the specific design, game level design, game testing, VR.

  Suitable for game production, game design, virtual reality, etc.