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Source:欧雷 Sentiment:Date:2017-04-26


  As the film and television class professional training and practice base, one of the important training to master the latest film and television related technology, meet the pressing needs of the various film and television related enterprise development of innovative talents, can greatly improve the film and television, advertising creative and practical skills, promote the construction of disciplines and specialties and development, thus can improve the ability of school, promote professional school characteristics, make foreign exchange platform, more in-depth cooperation with the enterprise, improve the school brand awareness.

  Training room construction type: film and television studios, film and television special effects film studio, virtual reality experiences showroom (combined with motion capture and virtual reality display system).

  Core equipment: Solidtrack virtual preview tracking system, Previzion preview video real-time visual system, the better the film and television lens control system, green box studio, graphics workstations, etc.,


  Form a complete set of course

  Can complete overview of film and television art, color and computer graphic design, photography and video, multimedia technology, nonlinear editing system, digital video synthesis, video communication, film and television playwright-director, photography and video, film and television synthesis and nonlinear editing.

  For the film and television director, specialty, film and television special effects, film and television advertising specialty, new media art, film and television animation and other professional:.

Training, internships and jobs

  The thunder company and film and television base all over the country, culture media, such as virtual reality display enterprise in-depth cooperation, can provide film and television related professional and technical training for teachers and students, promoting teachers' professional development, improve the teaching quality.For many years to assist institutions conveying a large number of talents for the enterprise, provide a lot of internship job for the school.

  Relevant personnel can be engaged in film and television production, advertising, news media, such as education, virtual reality display field.