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Luoyang wenbo 2017 will be successfully concluded

Source:欧雷 Sentiment:Date:2017-05-09

  On April 16, 2017 in the first three days of luoyang cultural industry exposition and Taiwan FengQingJie ended in luoyang, convention and exhibition center!
  Luoyang called LuoYang, states, named after the deep located in luohe Yang, she has a history of more than 5000 years of civilization, founded in 4000 and 1500 years of capitals, has a total of 105 emperors in the DingDing kyushu.

  One is the birthplace of Chinese civilization, one of the cradles of the Chinese nation.

  Is an important hub of sui and tang dynasties grand canal.

  Is the reading of the Chinese culture.
  Historical textual research, civilization first seeded in luoyang, Taoism began in luoyang, Confucianism originated from luoyang, flourish in luoyang, Confucianism Buddhism first in luoyang, the metaphysics forms in luoyang, neo-confucianism found from luoyang.

  Sage, humanities ceremony.

  Luoyang or surname root, the root of hakka.
  With "millennium peony, wenbo assemble for the expo, 'says the silk road, the taste of Taiwan" as the theme, set up comprehensive exhibition galleries, amorous feelings of Taiwan culture and art, han wind art galleries, luoyang key cultural industry exhibition, creative design exhibition, intangible and folk custom product exhibition, tourism and cultural products exhibition, the traditional culture health food exhibition and so on nine big exhibition, exhibition and Taiwan full display in the central plains culture industry development and the different characteristics of regional culture.
  In such a historical and cultural ChengCheng hold wenbo, is desirable, culture to act.
  The wenbo will set up seven exhibition area, comprehensive and profound and rich display of cultural industry.

  A total exhibition area of 16000 square meters, respectively is: 1, culture and art galleries, no. 2 han wind art galleries, 3 luoyang key cultural industry exhibition, 4 creative design exhibition, 5 intangible tourism culture, folk custom product exhibition area, 6 health products exhibition, 7 traditional culture exhibition.
  There are tea ceremony of five rites is
  Might this wenbo, particularly of luoyang teachers, tea ceremony and hanfu culture elements, such as learning, performing arts, heritage and live performance as a whole, for the majority of the audience to provide a feast to cultural etiquette.
  To admire the piano chess calligraphy and painting art
  The wenbo will be specially designed for "luoyang piano chess calligraphy and painting association" exhibition, this exhibition aims to show the luoyang style of each culture association with guqin, weiqi, flower arrangement, teachers, the tea ceremony, yoga,, painting and calligraphy and other diversified forms of culture, showing cultural connotation of luoyang.
  Now science and technology of luoyang first culture
  Will the wenbo AD hoc "luoyang key cultural entrepreneurship region", blend in luoyang in one thousand culture enterprise spirit, make the culture through the Internet to glow the new vitality.

  Luoyang positive power development of innovative enterprises in recent years, the information age, to promote online interaction, speed up the entity enterprise transformation and upgrading!
  The wenbo will not only have the luoyang teachers, tea ceremony and hanfu cultural elements are more guqin, weiqi, flower arrangement, yoga,, painting and calligraphy and other diversified forms of culture, display the luoyang cultural connotation!

  Luoyang wenbo 2017 will be successfully concluded
  Oulei also on this exhibition shows the leading technology!

  From virtual sculpture to virtual reality!

  Let us feel the charm of science and technology.
  From the VR technology to the elegant peony porcelain, from traditional guzheng to metal peony...

  Luoyang key cultural industry galleries showcase the emerging in the luoyang unique cultural enterprises products.

  Oulei to celebrate the expo successfully concluded in the end.