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The bid-winning notice the central academy of fine arts

Source:欧雷 Sentiment:Date:2017-04-27

  The central academy of fine arts motion capture system Facial expressions to capture
  1, sourcing project name: the central academy of fine arts and facial expressions to capture motion capture system procurement projects
  2, item number: CEIECZB01-13 jx078
  3, procurement person name: the central academy of fine arts
  4, procurement people address: chaoyang district of Beijing huajiadi nanjie village 8
  5, procurement agency name: Beijing ordinances international bidding agent co., LTD
  Address: 6, procurement agency Wen Hui garden north road, haidian district of Beijing in 10 ordinances office building
  7, procurement mode: competitive negotiation
  8, clinch a deal the method and standard: according to meet the demand of procurement, quality and service are equal and the principle of lowest clinch a deal to determine supplier
  9, closing date: on September 29, 2013
  Negotiation results are as follows:
  Name of goods: facial expression capture system
  Clinch a deal the suppliers: Beijing ou LeiXinYu animation technology co., LTD
  Clinch a deal the supplier address: Beijing haidian district Jin Zhuang 1 yuan 1 floor. Room 311