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Beijing's ray company strategic partnership with Beijing fil

Source:欧雷 Sentiment:Date:2017-04-27

  The Beijing Film Academy, Beijing Film Academy, abbreviated BFA), hereinafter referred to as nortel or north, is China's higher education institutions in a purpose-built training of specialists in the field of Film.

  Beijing film academy was established in 1950, is China the only film professional universities.

  In 2000, the Beijing film academy in order to meet the needs of the development of animation, to enhance the creative force of animation in China, established the country's first animation college, and attaches great importance to by the central and local leaders.
  Animation academy since founded, twelve in the spring and autumn has passed.

  In the 12 years, the awards gradually attention by brother institutions both at home and abroad, which are in the world;

  As participants more for animation college students across the country, as a result, the annual animation academy to some extent has become the animation teaching achievement of the annual review, and for the teachers and students and other authors provides a truly have the depth of academic communication platform.
  Oulei company is a production and research and development of film and television animation production equipment, mainly engaged in product research and development and application in the field of film and television animation industry services, is the domestic with a number of independent intellectual property rights of animation industry backbone enterprises, is China's leading film and television animation manufacture the overall solutions provider, is also the Chinese animation software industry leading companies, for the Chinese mainland customers to provide quality anime digital media production platform.
  Beijing's ray as a national first-class research and development enterprise with north shadow reached a strategic partnership, set up joint laboratories, research and development technology and equipment, new technology research, during the Academy Awards the LeiXinYu animation technology exhibition become beautiful beautiful scenery line.
  A motion capture, stage no marked points
  The Open Stage Motion capture system is by the Organic Motion company to provide the world's first, do not need to wear tights, do not need marked points does not require calibration and data cleaning Motion capture system.

  It caused a sensation, and realized a new definition of motion capture animation and entertainment industry.
  Second, the FACEWARE facial capture system
  1, the helmet is for Faceware Faceware system to provide the best facial video system suite;
  Use camera to capture facial expressions video provides an unprecedented large amounts of data record video is more than just Faceware best data flow, and the best animators of the reference.
  2, full lips and mouth data;
  3, completely without the burden of capture - the super light weight and amplifies the design;
  4, can capture of arbitrary length data;
  5, no need to face mark point calibration;
  6, strong and durable - the device in the 2 k sports, activision blizzard, EA, companies such as SONY, the nation run thousands of hours of programs;
  Third, 3 d printers
  ULTRA is a high productivity and high resolution of high-end manufacturing system quickly.

  Very suitable for any pursuit of high accuracy and production needs.

  Just provide a STL file can produce any complicated geometry.

  Machine factory have all relevant software pre-installed, in order to realize the automation of production and the beautification of the model.
  Its working principle is: Ultra to be able to build a combination of 3 d parts, using high resolution digital light processor projector to solidification of liquid photopolymer, quickly complete model of precision manufacturing.
  Fourth, 3 d scanner

  This is from Belgium Mephisto 3 d scanner system, Mephisto 3 d scanner system is to meet a lot of experts in the brain of the reliability, accuracy, flexibility and the price under the acceptability of the strict requirements of design.
  Mephisto 3 d scanners are: high capture speed, accurate measuring of the capability of texture, use range, low environment requirements, portable, no personal injury, and many other advantages, in particular, it has very powerful software function, therefore is very extensive in the field of 3 d modeling application.

  Highly flexible, intuitive optical 3 d scanning system, within the processing time to a minimum, quickly obtain accurate, high quality scan results.

  Suitable for moving object and scanning and static objects.

  Can choose low frequency to get a higher precision and quality (such as hair and fur processing), choose high frequency to get a higher processing speed.
  Mephisto products has a very wide range of application: computer animation and special effects, the game industry, medical imaging, and human studies, human body measurement, auxiliary examination, reverse engineering, architecture and cultural relics, the small object model jewelry.
  Fifth, DragonFrame stop motion animation system
  DragonFrame stop motion animation software is the only a two platforms in Mac and Windows system running on professional stop-motion photography software, support for multiple shooting equipment, digital cameras, video cameras, SLR cameras, camera.

  With its professional features, unique advantages, combined with straightforward operation, can improve the file management of the files in post-production directly, favored by the majority of professional designers.

  And have been widely used in a feature film, commercial, television ads, and independent films.
  Beijing film academy academy named the LeiXinYu award to table the LeiXinYu attention to the cultivation of new animation and animation enterprises, hope to the development of Chinese animation industry update is better.
  Fixed training rooms case:
  Hand-painted training rooms case: