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Institute of Beijing film academy animation

Source:欧雷 Sentiment:Date:2017-04-27

Institute of Beijing film academy animation

  Beijing film academy animation academy is invented by the Beijing film academy animation college in 2001, one for original animation short film awards, known as "China's animation short film academy".

  This activity is held annually, including entries screening, lectures, academic exchange activities such as BBS, and during this time for the event.

  Beijing o LeiXinYu animation technology co., LTD. Is the Beijing film academy strategic partners, set up in the animation academy "European LeiXinYu award", in order to encourage independent to create outstanding works of the students.

  Beijing o LeiXinYu animation company will be held in animation C building new international animation technology, used to display excellent production equipment for the film and television animation industry focus.

  During a rich variety of lectures, including: how big radial using stop-motion film production frames AD;

  Faceware powerful real-time 3 d facial expression capture technology;

  Modern 3 d printing technology and so on.

  The 14th animation academy continue past "indigenous, art, original", the theme of the cultivation from the student to a pitchman of basic professional quality;
Encouraged the students to use their imagination to experimental creation, and strive to make work can have greater market potential.

  Beijing film academy, the 14th animation Academy Awards will be October 30 to November 1, 2014 was held at the Beijing film academy.

  We welcome all kinds of production methods and the full papers in the field of animation works and related to participate the competition.

  And sincerely invite you to the school to attend the 14th animation college of the Academy Awards, warmly look forward to meeting with you and cooperation.
The organizer:

  Animation work committee, the China film association, Asian animation association, Beijing film academy
To undertake units:

  Beijing film academy animation institute, institute of Beijing film academy animation

  Contact: li liang: 13801292565

  Simba implement: 18611720085 (note: only the valid)