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The 14th Beijing film academy animation Academy Awards

Source:欧雷 Sentiment:Date:2017-04-27

  It is understood that this contest received 17 universities in tianjin more than 500 entries, 289 students, 88 pieces into the administrator sig gissler.
Entries, the universities animation works, 122, 127 comic works, higher vocational animation works 20, 20 comic works.

  After preparatory phase of the collection, classification, selection of writing, etc., were selected animation, comic works of two classes of the first prize, paragraphs 3 and 8 second prize, third prize of 20, 4 items of special award, outstanding award 57.

  These works use the advanced technology such as 3 d rendering, motion capture, highlight the original, applicability, embodies rich originality and technical level of college students.
  Won second prize among the teams of undergraduate course of 2 d animation works "feral", is the animation industry in tianjin university graduates xiaoqing yu graduate work, loves to paint her in college in order to improve the professional level, often go to Beijing at the weekend feral communication university of China, sometimes at night will have to rent a house near the school, her dream is to pursue their own experiences as inspiration, hand-painted for 10 months in a row of 7200 painting, a ZhenZhen string a original animated short for 10 minutes.

  Story depicts delicate and moving, and humorous with lyrics, "look at the girl in red in order to dream out of confusion, and feel warm in heart", an audience told reporters.
  Other participating classmate told reporters, like "feral" because works tells a good story.

  Undergraduate and higher vocational colleges in our country in recent years has been the animation and related field, the student's professional direction is subdivided into 2 d and 3 d computer creation direction.

  "At present employment market, three-dimensional computer creation easier to employment, wages are higher."

  The students, however, said the "three-dimensional computer skills can be continuous learning promotion, but the heart must have a rich feeling to speak out with original features good story."

  education higher education director, said held in tianjin, tianjin university original anime series aims to guide students to actively participate in animation creation.

  Through competition, improve the students' application ability and creative ability.

  Especially to promote joint training talents with industries and enterprises, promote the talent training mode reform and innovation.

  he said, in view of the great success of the anime series entries range will gradually expand to north China, and even the whole country.