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Oulei cooperation signing ceremony held in Beijing with the

Source:欧雷 Sentiment:Date:2017-04-27

  On August 30, 2013, oulei and processing of products cooperation signing ceremony held in Beijing.

  Before signing ceremony, oulei general manager met with Beijing first processing of the general manager, the two sides exchanged views on further deepening cooperation.

  Oulei cooperation signing ceremony held in Beijing with the first processing of products

  Oulei has force promotion in mainland China with the first processing of iClone series, the series of Crazy Talk, cooperation negotiations between Crazy Talk Animator series products.

  The partnership, which is beneficial to quickly preempted China "rapid animation" concept of the software market.

  The thunder as mainland China first-class film and television animation direction solutions provider, has nearly a third of the mainland Chinese film and television animation education market users, to be a partner with the first processing of iClone series, the series of Crazy Talk, Crazy Talk Animator series products, is expected to attract more users, so as to further drive revenue growth.

  First processing is superior in the education of science and technology information service industry has more than 20 years of experience, as on both sides of the education industry and digital learning industry to provide quality service professional company, with European LeiXinYu cooperation to promote new products, open up the mainland market, the Taiwan excellent education industry concept into teaching, so as to improve the market share of its products.

Product introduction:

  IClone3D: for real-time 3 d animation technology, allows you to quickly create digital character design, scene environment, visual effects, and the body feeling dynamic capture.

  Easily drag and drop, edit, enriching the content of multivariate real-time 3 d objects.

  Powerful new physics engine let objects interact more smoothly.

  CrazyTalk Animator: it ushered in a new era of 2 d animation!

  Photographs, illustrations, dolls and the material can be animated character;

  Dynamic technology innovation and doll face accidentally let acting lifelike;

  Rapid drag-and-drop scene, props to dream immediately forming stage;

  Complete the camera with the same axis control for 2 d animation this time!