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Oulei hand Image Metrics FACEWARE China market

Source:欧雷 Sentiment:Date:2017-04-27

  Recently, the Beijing ou LeiXinYu animation technology for Image Metrics company invitation, become the only strategic partner in China.

  Describe a picture may need thousands of words, however, a facial expression is sufficient to illustrate a lot of things.

  Image Metrics developed a high-level expression of capture and animation generation system, can create very accurately the facial expression animation.
And its speed is the key frame animation (keyframing) seven times.

  And only need the image file, the facial components (differentiated bi-facial rig) and 3 d model you can begin to work.

  Eyes, even the subtle movement of the tongue can be captured for animation.

  Don't need to add any tag on actor, also don't need to create a time, you can complete the capture, motion capture process can be done in any place for customers to choose, and there is no any action.

  Expressions can capture and body movements to capture process or voice recording at the same time.

  Whether in the Maya, Softimage | XSI, Houdini, 3 ds Max, LightWave 3 d, or Motion Builder used these software, facial animation can eventually get the same file format, for use in production process.

  Using the technology of client list includes EA, Digital Domain, wrote and Hues, Rockstar, Konami, Capcom, Epic, Sony, Image Metrics is always associated with famous game company and classic game.

  Now oulei company as a first-class vedio game equipment suppliers become Image Metrics of the company's strategic partners, China to jointly develop and upgrade the latest products, common for China's film and television animation game market injected fresh blood!