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Beijing Ou-LeiXinYu strategic partnership with Beijing film

Source:欧雷 Sentiment:Date:2017-04-27

  The 12th institute of Beijing film Academy Awards on October 26, 2012, held in the Beijing film academy standard screens, Beijing film academy animation academy is invented by institute of Beijing film academy animation in December 2001, the original animation short film awards for campus activities, this activity is held annually, including international film screening, lectures, academic exchange activities such as BBS, and during this time for the event.

  The 12th animation academy follow the theme of "home, art, original, this year's slogan is" pitchman stage, popup pitchman wonderful!"

  Students are encouraged to support independent to create excellent works of literature and art at the same time, the cultivation from the student to a pitchman of basic professional quality;

  Encouraged the students to use their imagination to experimental creation, and strive to make work can have greater market potential.

  The Academy Awards, stick to the current animation education and industry hotspot issues, revolves around "production, study and research" all-round discussion, animation professional teachers and students on behalf of the industrial chain related industry representatives on the big collision of ideas.

  In remarkable animated movies on BBS BBS and animated TV, industry elite to present and sometimes animation creation communication and interaction.

  The right side of the showroom is Mephisto 3 d scanner, scanning for the head of reality, after processing the data input Ultra three-dimensional printer for printing, a lifelike model is made.

  A set of processes of the three dimensional animation perfect interpretation, give the visitors visual enjoyment.

  The Beijing film academy animation creation, teaching and theory research in China talent training base, for our country's cultural undertakings and film culture industry development has made outstanding contributions.

  This strategic cooperation Beijing ou LeiXinYu animation technology co., LTD. As a domestic first-class equipment companies, film and television animation, will provide the strategic cooperation with powerful technology and equipment support, and film academy power-and-power union, vigorously promote and promote the practice and application of first-class vedio equipment at home and abroad.