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  Have a dream, if you are unwilling to mediocrity, if you don't want to be buried, so, come to Beijing the ray.Here is the industry's competitive compensation, there is a fair and transparent performance reward system!Platform here to help you success, and we have to help you improve team, and work atmosphere of unity, relaxed, love!2017, select the ray, choose success!

Job responsibilities:

  More than 1, is responsible for establishing regional product marketing system, establish and perfect the regional cooperation franchised dealer team;

  2, actively develop education customer demand information, using a variety of marketing methods to universities, vocational, secondary, primary and secondary schools to recommend the company's animation, virtual reality, film and television late laboratory overall solution, promote the development of animation, film and television professional;

  3, actively develop animation, film and television class business customers, for this kind of clients with top international animation, film and television production equipment;

  4, responsible for daily telephone contact customer, to provide business consulting, project bidding, after-sales service and so on work;

  5, responsible for the collection was responsible for the relevant information of the customer and coordinate customer archives information document;

  6, complete the sales task, as stipulated in the company except to the corresponding sales can also enjoy the company of equity dividends;


  1, college degree or above, with sales experience. 

  2, regional marketing planning and independent development ability, has the strong customer relationship management, rich marketing experience and operation ability. Has a strong sales, work positive enterprising spirit, good communication skills, passionate, sincere, steady, have a keen insight.

  3, through various channels, explore and maintain markets, expand product market share. 

  4, negotiation skills and project management skills;To end customer sales has rich experience in sales, can adapt to travel.

  5, rich experience in project bidding.

  Salary: basic salary + commission + five social insurance and one housing fund project + double cease, year-end double pay + bonus = starting salary for 100000 shares

Work address:

  Beijing Haidian District Dazhongsi Huajie building B building 7B2