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  Beijing Ou-Lei Technology Co, Ltd founded in 2007, is a leading domestic VR virtual reality, film and television animation manufacture overall solutions provider. The company is committed to domestic VR, film and television, animation, games, industries such as software and hardware product development, production and service. With strong technical strength for the digital media art education industry provide training room equipment, consulting, project design and implementation services. 
  After more than ten years development, formed by a university professor, industry experts and so on more than 30 well-known enterprises team of advisers. Company after thousands of project implementation experience, set up for different regions, different types of primary and secondary schools, / in higher vocational colleges and universities, in different size, different professional requirements, different teaching stage of the training room construction, teacher training, curriculum setting, resource construction, student internship, university-enterprise cooperation solutions, international exchange, etc. Able to quickly and accurately according to customer's specific requirements, tailor-made for you really realistic demand solutions. 
  Company's main business: virtual reality VR/ar equipment, 2 d 3 d production, film and television production equipment, game production, postproduction, art, design and production equipment and related training, etc.
  Company has acquired software enterprise qualification, animation company, ISO9001 quality management system, AAA enterprise of observing contract and certification, certification such as AAA credit rating certificate, has nearly hundred professional product patent technology and software copyright. 
  Ou-Lei company has a strong customer service team, in the domestic cities established after-sales service agencies, formed the basic after-sale service network covering the whole country. 24-hour online service platform, the establishment of a customer first asking responsibility system service mechanism, perfect the customer visit, Product troubleshooting, such as equipment maintenance system, ensure that users in the shortest possible time get the most satisfactory service.

  "Help China digital entertainment education" is a sacred mission of Beijing Ou-Lei people. 

  Company Address:
  Beijing:Haidian District dazhongsi 13 Huajie 7B2
  Guangzhou:zhuhai xingang road liying square area C B, 2404
  Hubei:Wuhan Hongshan District wenzhi street 32 Wuchang Fu ChengGuo 803