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Netease game using Faceware unmarked motion capture system m

Source:欧雷 Sentiment:Date:2017-05-10

  Netease has always been very strict to the requirement of product development, in order to be able to design a lifelike characters, resulting in high quality game experience, motion capture link is meticulous, strives for perfection to every detail requirement, not allow to live action models have the slightest slack and careless, it is not easy to do this job, a good game works more from each model of hard work behind the scenes.

  Saw the movie "avatar" audience including nano star must of science was impressed by the facial expression feels dye-in-the-wood, greets you now is the third generation of unmarked point facial expression capture system.Seize every wonderful expressions, the details of the record every second of the joys and sorrows.

  Through this group of pictures, must increase the understanding of motion capture, netease's new game play by the characters of a recruit a type, the original originate from live action capture, it is no wonder that so lifelike.A good game for strong engagement, motion capture models with their the most professional, the most clever body with high quality and the most wonderful expressions achievement of gaming experience.

  Netease (NASDAQ: NTES) is a company based in guangzhou, China, portals and online game company, now offers online games, E-mail, news, blogs, search engines, BBS, virtual community and other services.Netease company in January 27, 2009, the market value of $2.2 billion, over 80% of their income comes from the network game (in the third quarter of 2008).

  At the end of 2001, netease launched "a Chinese Odyssey" is one of the earliest large-scale Online games in mainland China, its subsequent version "westward journey Online II to today (2009) is one of the most popular Online games.

  Announced in August 2008, netease and blizzard entertainment to reach an agreement will be in the mainland China market agent game of starcraft II, blizzard warcraft III: reign of chaos, warcraft III: the frozen throne, and to provide the above game online multiplayer ladder platform of interactive services.

  On April 16, 2009, blizzard entertainment announced on its website, the world of warcraft authority over to netease company in mainland China.