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"The sword 2" use Faceware unmarked facial expression cap

Source:欧雷 Sentiment:Date:2017-05-10

  Beijing pixel software technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: pixel) was formally registered in March 2002, mainly engaged in software development, especially to large network game research and development, to create high-quality goods online as own duty, high-end brands to create interactive entertainment industry.With the most excellent r &d team, is one of the most powerful domestic network game development company.

  "The sword 2" use Faceware unmarked point facial expression animation role expression capture system

In 2002,

  march Beijing pixel software technology co., LTD. Was set up.
  November issued "vengeance on evil sword" in mainland China.
  December "vengeance on evil sword" signing Taiwan distributor, products in Taiwan, Hong Kong, macau, Hong Kong and listed.

In 2003,

  In January Pixel companies to transfer r&d direction by the single computer games to online games.
  July "sword gaiden - ancient legend" in mainland China.
  "Vengeance on evil sword" land Japan market in October.
  On December 30, "vengeance on evil Sword" European and American version "Blade and Sword"

In 2004,

  "Vengeance on evil sword" April issue local language version in southeast Asia.
  In July the sword online public test in mainland China.
  October the sword online charging operations in mainland China region, Hong Kong and Taiwan for public testing.

In 2005,

  The Taiwan edition of the sword is the online march
  The Europe and the United States edition of the ancient legend in December

In 2006,

  March "sword gaiden - ancient legend" in Russia.
  The fairy find first public appearance in August.

In 2008,

  July "fairy" stress tests
  Was formally established in September "sword 2" project team
  October the fairy find open in mainland China public testing.

In 2009,

  In February the fairy find log in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  In December the fairy found in southeast Asia.

In 2010,

  "The sword 2" public appearance in April.

In 2011,

  August "sword 2" on the Chinese mainland technology test for the first time.
  December "sword 2" open closed beta for the first time in mainland China.

In 2013,

  On November 8, "the sword 2" open in mainland China no test.